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Brookfield displays AST-100 at FTA Forum

May 15, 2014

The AST-100 was designed to provide new efficiencies and productivity for printing operations.

The AST-100
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc., a viscosity measurement and control manufacturer, had its  AST-100 Viscometer on display at the FTA Print Trade Show which was held April 28-29 in Baltimore, MD, USA. According to the company, the Brookfield Engineering booth was well attended as industry professionals came to see how the AST-100 has provided new efficiencies and productivity to printing operations around the world making a big impact on customer ROI.

The AST is designed to provide stable repeatable viscosity and temperature readings. The AST features a no-moving-parts design, which includes a sensor which is unaffected by vibration or flow and ensures consistent readings in the most stressful environments. It also does not need any special insulation or installation precautions. 

"Because the AST has a small foot print, is user-friendly and provides precise measurement in harsh conditions, press operators can measure from pump to press in real time so you will get the most consistent accurate results. This precision allows you to lock in the correct settings to optimize run time productivity with the highest quality. With consistency from roll to roll, printing operations will experience ink savings and waste reduction making for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.  The most important results you will see are on your over-all return on investment. By controlling consistency you can lay down more accurate film, reduce drying times and increase print speeds. By increasing press runs from 300 meters per minute up to even 330 meter per minute allows you to improve productivity that translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in new revenue.  You can expect to see a return on investment on Brookfield’s AST-100 viscometer in only 9 months! With faster speeds in press run productivity, you can take on more projects and customers per year as well. And with precise color consistency, you can ensure that brand management is exactly satisfying all major corporations," the company says. 

The touch screen controls have also been specifically designed for the printing and coatings industry. Some of the features include real-time trending as well as ink and job memory so you can save and recall your automatic viscosity settings.
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