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Yazoo Mills offers lower minimums for covers, liners

June 6, 2014

Additionally, the company has reduced its printing plate cost by 30%.

Yazoo Mills now offers significantly lower minimums for printed covers and liners, tailored to small quantity orders. Additionally, to be more beneficial and economical to its consumers, the company says it has also reduced its printing plate costs by 30%.

"Lower minimums offer the opportunity for custom branding of small to medium orders," the company says. "Printed covers and liners are a unique way for a company to market themselves with shipping tubes, mailing tubes, and cores."

Yazoo’s custom printed liners are offered in offset white paper and covers are available in offset or semi-gloss. Printing is available in up to eight colors or four color process line art for both liners and covers. Reverse print is also an option if a customer wants a colored background.