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Channeled Resources applauds Unilever

June 17, 2014

The label industry supplier facilitated Unilever's FINAT award-winning liner recycling activities at several of its UK facilities.

Channeled Resources Group, a label industry supplier well-known for its committment and support of sustainable practices within the narrow web labeling industry, has announces its delight in seeing Unilever presented with the first ever End User Recycling Award by FINAT, Europe’s leading label association. This honor for release liner recycling was announced at the recent FINAT Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

During the award ceremony, Unilever recognized the role Channeled Resources played, facilitating liner recycling activities at several of its facilities throughout the UK. Tony Loia, senior European executive for Channeled Resources, says, “We are, of course, delighted with the success of our partner, Unilever. Even more importantly, their action demonstrates that large corporations can create solutions for complex problems. We are proud to be a part of their success and award as well as proud of Unilever’s commitment to become 100% landfill free by creating internal solutions for liner recycling. We believe the award will be an incentive to other end users to create similar success stories.”

Mark Macare’, recycling manager at FINAT, adds, “The End User category saw a number of impressive entries, but in the end Unilever edged out the others based on the company’s clear dedication to a zero waste to landfill policy. Not only is this clearly communicated on the company’s website and in its sustainability report, but it is also being reflected in Unilever’s long history in liner recycling and its impressive liner recycling figures.”

Channeled Resources supplies materials to the gloabl coated, treated and laminated paper and film industry.

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