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Pulse Roll Label reports increased demand due to regulations

June 19, 2014

Classification, Labeling and Packaging regulations will become mandatory on June 1, 2015.

Narrow web ink and varnish manufacturer Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd., reports increased demand for its UV flexo free radical release varnish for peel and read applications fuelled by EU regulatory demands for increased information on labels, packaging and their content.

With less than a year to go when Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) regulations become mandatory on June 1, 2015 for all mixtures, demand for peel and read labels is growing as these formats become the preferred choice for many end users. Suitable for application on a wide range of packaging, containers and bottles, peel and read labels allow additional space on pack for consumer product and safety information, user instructions and similar, but without sacrificing graphics, visual appeal and impact on shelf.

Gary Seward, MD at Pulse Roll Label Products said, “Following the development and launch of our UV flexo free radical release varnish in 2011, we have seen considerable growth in peel and read applications in both the UK and export markets. This dramatic increase in demand reflects growing end user requirements to provide enhanced product and more detailed consumer information on pack. Now a market-leading product, which has set an industry standard after being in commercial use for over three years, our release varnish is now one of our best sellers worldwide. The forthcoming changes in CLP regulation present many opportunities for end users to take advantage of peel and read label technology and our free radical release varnish provides a great solution for both end-users and label printers alike.”

The company claims the product provides excellent release properties and adhesion with smooth, even and consistent repeatable release characteristics on a variety of substrates. The free radical UV formulation is optimized for smooth running on press and can be used on any printing machine at any time, significantly reducing waste and press clean-up times, improving production efficiencies and overcoming issues often associated with the use of cationic systems on press. With potential cost-savings to be achieved and the benefits of easier runnability and printability, it is easy to see why this product would be in high demand by label and package printers in the UK and beyond.

Seward adds, “Changes in label and packaging regulations often brings many challenges. The new CLP legislation does however, also bring new market opportunities and this is driving demand. As well as being a proven and consistently high quality product, our formulation offers a potential lower cost alternative to the conventional cationic chemistry used for peel and read labels.  We would be very happy to help UV flexo printers enter or expand their share of this growing market sector through product trials involving both customers and end users.”

Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd. has been supplying high quality inks and varnishes for the global narrow web label printing market since 2001. The company’s product range includes UV curable and water-based inks and varnishes for flexo, screen and letterpress printing, low migration products, special effects, digital varnishes, primers, adhesives and more. Serving an international customer base from its UK based manufacturing operation the company’s products are sold worldwide.
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