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ILS printing labels for 'Share a Coke' campaign

June 23, 2014

The Ohio converter is using HP Indigo digital printing technology to manufacture the personalized labels.

The Share a Coke campaign features labels with 250 different names.
Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS), a label and packaging company located in Hamilton, OH, USA, is one of the printers Coke tapped to help with the "Share a Coke" custom labeling campaign, which features individual names printed on bottles. Coke hopes people will go hunting for a bottle with their name on it, or find a friend’s name and "share the Coke."

Using HP Indigo digital printing technology, ILS helped create the production process for the custom labels for Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and they’re coordinating with printers across the country to crank them out. “Coca-Cola is the No. 1 most recognized brand name in the world and they’ve asked us as a local company to help launch the biggest project they’ve ever done,” comments Preston Bowles, chief operating officer for ILS.

ILS works closely with HP on developing digital printing technology, which made the company a great fit for the Coke campaign. “Our role is, every single label that prints has a different name on it and the digital technology allows you to do that and we’re fortunate enough to be at the very leading edge of digital to be able to deliver this,” Bowles said.

Around 250 different names are being printed onto custom Coke bottles. ILS is working with six printers across the country to produce the labels and send them to different Coca Cola bottling facilities. The custom labels are available only on individual 20-ounce bottles found in vending machines and in stores.

Now that the new bottles are hitting the shelves, ILS workers are getting a chance to share the project they’ve been working on. “It’s real exciting to see some of the photos that some of the employees are sending in and it’s affecting their kids and their relatives as well,” says Brian Smallwood, director of operations for ILS.