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Schawk! announces packaging e-content services

June 26, 2014

The company aims to help marketers gain brand share of the rapidly expanding e-commerce market.

Schawk!, a global brand deployment company that produces and protects brand assets to drive brand profitability, has announced that its packaging e-content for the digital shelf product can help brands ensure control of the digital shelf.

"Schawk is uniquely positioned to provide packaging e-content imagery and digital brand content that meets the accuracy and timing needs of brand owners," says Matt Bennett, senior vice president, growth strategies, product development & innovation, at SGK. "The digital package can be elevated to the same high standard by creating images directly from the final, approved master artwork file for the physical package -- including complete views of all required informational elements."

Bennett continued: "Only in this way can brands ensure the product as it appears on the digital shelf is never preliminary, incomplete, variable or untrustworthy. Without control of the process you do not deliver value or reap the benefits of speed, cost, efficiency, quality and regulatory compliance. Control the process and you will control the benefits."

Schawk's packaging e-content service is a global, scalable product for brands seeking highly efficient and accurate production of digital brand assets for the digital shelf. Asserting control of the brand requires that brand owners gain control of the process of e-content development and e-content management. An inconsistent digital presentation of packaging can erode trust and brand equity -- exactly what brands spend millions seeking to build.

Schawk says it can help brands gain control of the digital shelf and create a consistent brand experience for consumers at both points of purchase -- on the digital shelf and on the physical shelf. The ability of marketers to drive brand profitability requires delivering a consistent brand experience. Delivering a consistent brand experience, including accurate product information that complies with governmental regulations, across shelves online and in-store can be challenging.

Schawk's packaging e-content streamlines the packaging e-content supply chain -- eliminating duplication of effort, reducing vendor-management burdens, centralizing asset control and saving money. And it takes brands to the digital market faster, with e-commerce images of packaging that look as great online as they do on the physical shelf.

"By bundling prepress artwork and e-content creation together, you're always certain that both of them are getting done, and that both of them match each other," says Bruce Miller, vice president, product development, at SGK. "'Getting to market' on time is critical of course, but the best deployment processes will deliver far beyond that. They will protect a brand's equities and the way it's presented in all marketing mediums around the world."

Miller adds, "If brands are truly successful in creating a singular brand experience, the online experience must mirror the offline experience. The online shelf can no longer be relegated to second place status. The opportunities are substantial for brands that take control of their presence on the digital shelf -- now, not later."
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