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Double E introduces 'Fast Lane'

July 7, 2014

Shafts, safety chucks, and brakes are available individually or in packages, with lead times under three weeks.

The Double E Company has added “Fast Lane” to its manufacturing process, allowing paper, film, and foil web converters in North America and Latin America quicker access to web accessories. The program includes common safety chucks, core shafts, adapter chucks, brakes, slitting modules and shafted unwind roll stands.

Bryan Gregory, Double E’s CEO, expains, “If a machine is down or a customer wants to quickly realize an upgrade project, Double E has a solution. We understand that delivery times are critical. We’ve worked hard to substantially upgrade our assembly lines to achieve short, responsive lead-times for many standard products.”

Shafts, safety chucks, and brakes are available individually or in packages as part of the Fast Lane program with lead times under three weeks. Shafted unwind stands and slitting modules are available in under five weeks. Customers get the dual benefit of Fast Lane lead times, along with the knowledge that components are "precision manufactured to work seamlessly together." These components, roll stands, and modules can be integrated into existing lines to add a new process, improve roll security, replace aging items and/or improve changeover times. Configured roll stands include core shaft, safety chucks, brake, simple web guiding, and basic tension control, while slitting modules feature Gold knife holders and the patented “Expandette” cutting ring which can be replaced without removing the shaft from the machine.