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New Creation Labels & Packaging chooses Digitech

July 14, 2014

Co-owner Tim Appling says the 330-TR "has it all."

The team at New Creation Labels & Packaging
New Creation Labels & Packaging has recently opened its doors in Marietta, GA, USA. The company specializes in medium-to-long runs of prime and promotional labels, unique constructions and labels with variable data. Recently, the company chose a new machine from Digitech to help them drive automation in the plant.

When purchasing equipment for the new company, its co-owner says they chose a blend of new and pre-owned items. One piece of equipment choen by the company is the Digitech RGE 330-TR Slitter Rewinder with a two spindle turret in line. The 330-TR is designed to be faster and more efficient when compared to the traditional one spindle rewind.

Tim Appling, co-owner, GM, states that the 330-TR "has it all." Digitech offers its two spindle turret on rewinder models HQ and RGE.  Appling says that the turret can be run in manual or automatic mode making it very beneficial in rewinding the products that the company runs.

“I looked at what was out there and was disappointed at how expensive the machines are that only do the same thing we have been doing for the past 30 years," he says. "But the RGE 330 raises the bar and does it for half the price of traditional rewinders. We are excited to have the new technology as part of our starting lineup.”  
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