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G3 adds new dimension to wine bottles with 'G Ink'

July 18, 2014

G Ink's thermochromic option allows a label or cap to change appearance at designated temperatures.

Responding to research indicating a consumer is more likely to purchase a bottle once they pick it up from a shelf, G3 Enterprises is offering its new and award-winning "G Ink" technology.

The G Ink is available in both Bichromic and Thermochronic ink options. The Thermochronic option allows a label or cap to change appearance at designated temperatures. The Bichromic option provides a color shifting effect when the package is viewed at different angles. Recently, International Metal Decorators Association has recognized G Ink Bichromic Cap with two international awards – Best of Category Closures and Technical Achievement – at its 2014 International Metal Decorators Association Annual Conference.

“We are constantly working to develop ways for our customer’s wine to stand out from the competition whether on the shelf or in the store’s cold box,” says John Cunningham, director of innovation and process improvement.  He added, “G Ink gives added dimension to a bottle allowing it to make a statement among the sea of choices on the shelves. It is opening a new world of options for creative label and cap designs that will not only catch the eye of the consumer but engage them with useful information such as when the wine in the bottle has reached the ideal drinking temperature.”

G3 Enterprises is working closely with designers and wineries to develop unique, integrated bottle designs to take full advantage of the G Ink technology.

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