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InfoTrends to host track at Graph Expo

July 21, 2014

"Using Print to Engage Customers" will focus on print's integration with augmented reality, near-field communications and mobile technology.

InfoTrends’ Group Director Barb Pellow and Director Kate Dunn will be hosting a track called "Using Print to Engage Customers" during Graph Expo 14 on September 29, 2014 in Chicago, IL, USA.

Although print is still integral to the marketing mix, it is sharing the spotlight with other media forms. Print is taking on new life as marketers integrate it with new technologies – augmented reality, near-field communications, and mobile. A form of communication that was once static is becoming engaging and interactive when combined with other media channels.

“The marriage of print, mobile, social, and online media is essential to effective customer engagement,” comments Pellow. “Savvy marketers will use print to get their brands in front of the consumers on the street. They will find a way to engage consumers anytime/anywhere and connect with them through a wide variety of channels.”

InfoTrends’ track will provide a complete picture of the interactivity opportunity, value proposition for prospects, and technologies available to make print, digital, and mobile documents interactive.

Track sessions will take attendees through the options surrounding mobile bar codes, NFC tags, and augmented reality; examine the required infrastructure; and share industry success stories.