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Nilpeter USA to host expanded gamut seminar

July 28, 2014

In-depth presentations and demonstrations will take place July 31 in Cincinnati.

On July 31 in Cincinnati, OH, Nilpeter USA will present a free, in-depth overview of the 7-color expanded gamut printing process. Attendees will learn from industry professionals how to integrate this technology into a current workflow.

Representatives from Harper, Flexografix, Esko, Actega, and Tesa will be on hand to share expertise on each step in the expanded gamut printing process. Demonstrations will be held on a servo-driven Nilpeter FB-3 8-color, 13-inch press. The press's servo technology allows the expanded gamut process to seamlessly integrate into the flexo workflow.

Seminar attendees will learn how to reduce spot color variations and all the waste generated from mixing color on press, and see how there is no more need to change anilox rolls, and continue to wash up components. Nilpeter says: "Now all you need to do is a simple plate change to accommodate the majority of your product mix. With the high level of servo automation on the FB-3, all your print settings can be saved run to run. Now a simple recall of a job and a plate change will get you running quicker and more productively."

Converters interested in attending this free Nilpeter seminar in Cincinnati, OH, on July 31, 2014, may register online here.
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