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Barcodes West upgrades with Colordyne

July 30, 2014

The company most recently transitioned to laser diecut finishing by adding a CDT 2600-PC Laser Pro.

Barcodes West, LLC (BCW), a label printer in Seattle, WA, USA, has taken advantage of the scalability offered within Colordyne Technologies' (CDT) Production Class digital printing presses. BCW started out with an entry level printing system, the CDT 1600-PC Sprint, later added rotary die-cut finishing, converting it to a CDT 1600-PC Rotary Pro, and most recently transitioned to laser die-cut finishing, into a CDT 2600-PC Laser Pro.

"Barcodes West saw a great opportunity to expand our digital print offerings with the high resolution and fast speed of the Colordyne Production Class line," says Glenn Allen, general manager of BCW. "We have been digital in one form or another for over 25 years. With our demanding customer base, we always have to be on the look-out for better, faster and unique printing and converting technologies. The Colordyne Production Class is that technology."

BCW purchased a CDT 1600-PC Sprint in May 2012. The company valued the 1600 x 1200 dpi resolution the Memjet print engine presented with its four printheads containing 70,400 nozzles each, giving what the company says is print quality with "a true flexo-like look and feel." The CDT 1600-PC Sprint runs at print speeds up to 160 feet per minute (49 m/min), which at that time, was the fastest speed at the lowest capital cost.

The CDT 2600-PC Laser Pro in Barcodes West's Seattle, WA facility
After a year into using the CDT 1600-PC Sprint, BCW needed to further enhance its manufacturing capabilities and in June 2013, elected to add in-line rotary finishing leveraging its current inventory of rotary dies and years of experience with rotary equipment. This decision turned BCW's existing unit into a CDT 1600-PC Rotary Pro. This model expands the Sprint into a full-featured, inline digital label and tag system, including printing, laminating, varnishing, rotary diecutting, slitting and rewinding.

The addition of the inline finishing on the CDT 1600-PC Rotary Pro resulted in BCW being able to deliver jobs to customers faster by eliminating the need for off-line finishing. The Rotary Pro could also maintain its fast print speeds and high resolution, making it even more cost efficient.

BCW's decision to upgrade its existing Rotary Pro to the CDT 2600-PC Laser Pro was seen as a key business strategy. The CDT 2600-PC Laser Pro gives BCW capabilities that set it apart from competition. The 2600 Series print engine is Memjet's latest, most advanced technology that increases the print speeds to 225 feet per minute (69 m/min) and the print resolution to 1600 x 1375 dpi. It also delivers improved print quality and usability driven by industry-standard Harlequin RIP (HDS) Frequency Modulation (FM) screening and an improved PDF workflow.

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