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PC Industries and partners install inspection system for Dutch currency printer

July 30, 2014

Security printing applications pose a unique set of challenges for inspection systems, placing higher demands on cameras.

PC Industries, along with partners Vision Assurance Systems and Gremser Graphishe Maschinen, announced the recent successful installation of a 100% security print inspection system in the Netherlands for currency and banknote inspection.

Security printing applications pose a unique set of challenges for inspection systems, including placing higher demands on cameras and CPUs. These high-speed applications demand a level of speed and accuracy that have often presented problems to off-the-shelf and even engineered systems. Additionally, the different processes used in security printing, such as intaglio and offset, all pose their own specific types of challenges. The solutions provided by PC Industries combine multiple high-resolution cameras with special lighting to inspect visible, UV, IR, and transmissive security features. The systems also have embedded security features such as password-protected operator accounts that keep a secure log of all operator actions, and the ability to output and securely store PDF reports of inspection results.

The engineering efforts that ensured the success of this installation will help PC Industries improve its entire line of print inspection products, the company says. Its flagship products are Inspection Systems, which include the Guardian PQV 100% Print Defect Detection System, Guardian OLP Offline PDF Proofing System, Guardian MINI Modular Inspection System.  In addition to these and their Graphic-Vision Digital Web Viewers, the company also manufacture length monitoring, registration control, and dedicated bar code verification systems.

Vision Assurance Systems, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, designs, manufactures, installs, commissions and supports camera-based inspection and verification systems primarily for the security print sector.