Breaking News enhances 'web-to-print' capabilities with third HP Indigo press

August 8, 2014

A new HP Indigo WS6600 can print on substrates from 12-450 microns including paper and plastic. (the label printers limited) is one of the largest online label printing companies in Europe, producing self-adhesive and wet glue labels. The company has announced the successful implementenation of an internet platform and comprehensive system that allows label users to speed up their procurement cycle without compromising quality or technical service. A prime example of this is the "Online Calculator" featured on the company's homepage.

As well as the recently installed HP Indigo WS6600,'s work flow and production is also supported by an HP Indigo ws4500 Digital Press and an HP Indigo WS4600 Digital Press.

The new addition in the production lineup at has already impressed the company and its customers; primarily due to both an increase in quality and reduced lead times, the company reports. The press' versatility, including its ability to print on substrates from 12-450 microns including paper and plastic, and its economical printing process also provides with clear production benefits. "The HP Indigo WS6600 fits perfectly into our web-to-print workflow. We are able to supply the highest quality solutions in the shortest possible time; often within 24 hours," says Michael Wey, managing director for