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Flint Group commercializes UV LED adhesives

August 12, 2014

These adhesives are the first commercially available products designed specifically for UV LED curing.

Flint Group Narrow Web has introduced a new range of UV flexo adhesive technologies for UV LED curing under the EkoCure brand.  These adhesives will be the first commercially available products designed specifically for UV LED curing.  EkoCure products are developed using specially selected raw materials that match the narrow and targeted wavelength area that is typical for UV LED lamp output. 

The new products come in response to the increasing need for improved profitability, sustainable print solutions, innovation, higher productivity, value added technology, increased press uptime, lower maintenance technology, safer technology, etc. 

According to Flint Group, the main advantages with UV LED can be summarized as economical and ecological:

Economical benefits –
• Quality assuredness brings increased productivity and press uptime;
• energy costs will be significantly reduced;
• manufacturing space is increased;
• UV LED lamps are nearly maintenance free;
• no mercury bulb replacement and disposal costs;
• expanded capability to run heat sensitive materials with less heat management costs.

Ecological benefits –
• Energy will be saved;
• UV LED lamps are ozone and mercury free (improved worker and environmental safety). 

Flint Group has partnered with industry suppliers and has been able to develop inks, coatings and now adhesives for UV LED curing – all which have been validated for the industry under commercial production conditions, the company says. The range of EkoCure UV flexo adhesives available include:
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
• Lamination Adhesive
• Cold Foil Adhesive

Flint Group can also develop the UV LED adhesive to fit custom needs.

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