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Sensortech launches moisture analyzer

August 15, 2014

The NIR 6000 Series provides converters with effective process management and moisture control capability.

Oxnard, CA-based Sensortech has announced the launch of its NIR 6000 Series moisture analyzer, a tool that provides converting specialists with effective process management and control capability. Sensortech’s NIR 6000 Series precision instruments incorporate the advancements in NIR technology. Moisture measurement, coat weight, basis weight, and coating consistency are all measured in real-time providing in-line control. Sensortech states that its standard of precision measurement and reliable performance greatly enhance measurement and control of paper, nonwovens, films, and other specialty web converting applications.

Sensortech's new NIR 6000 Series leverages the company's 30 years of moisture control and measurement expertise. "Our engineering group has made significant advances in research and development that include an innovative optical design, application specific optical filters, and enhanced software integration. Leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing, and quality control standards has furthered Sensortech’s high standard of performance and reliability," says Keith McCallion, sales manager, Sensortech Systems, Inc. “Working with a talented staff of engineers and manufacturing professionals gives me the confidence to deliver superior quality products, continuous customer support, and a satisfied customer base.”