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Domino to unveil new N610i UV inkjet label press

August 19, 2014

Also at Labelexpo, Domino will be participating in the Inkjet Trail – a head-to-head comparison with four other inkjet press suppliers.

Domino has announced it will be showcasing a range of digital printing systems Labelexpo: its new N610i 7-color CMYKOV+W digital UV inkjet label press, its new N610i CMYK+W digital UV inkjet label press, and the K600i monochrome digital UV inkjet printer. At booth 6523, one of the N610i presses will be printing with inline finishing and the other will be printing roll-to-roll.

Domino will also be participating in the Inkjet Trail – a head-to-head comparison with four other inkjet press suppliers demonstrating their printing technology and print quality in producing designated food, personal care, and industrial labels. All inkjet press participants will be using the same provided artwork and substrate materials.

Additionally, Domino will be providing attendees to their booth with a “Label Sample Book” containing the Domino printed Inkjet Trail labels, along with key information such as the time to print 1,000 and 10,000 of each of those labels. According to the company,
"The results are mind-blowing fast, and provide attendees insight as to how the N610i can increase their company’s productivity and label printing capacity."

With 600 x 600 dpi native print resolution; operating speeds up to 246 fpm (75 m/min) in rapid production mode, up to 164 fpm (50 m/min) in high-quality mode; and up to seven colors including opaque white, the N610i is designed and engineered to provide the productivity associated with flexo, with the versatility of rapid job change digital technology. Benefits include less labor and material waste, long-lasting print durability and lightfastness, and the capability to print on a wide range of materials and substrates. The N610i uses piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology based on Kyocera print jetting assemblies.
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