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Telstar's 'Little Plowfold That Could'

December 16, 2016

The large double and triple plowfold units are ideal for printers eager to enter the ECL and multi-page couponing markets.

Telstar Engineering reports that its large double and triple plowfold units have become highly popular among printers eager to win business in the booklet label and multi-page couponing markets. The Burnsville, MN-based equipment engineer and manufacturer also points to its single fold units as attractive additions to bring converting capabilities to existing shop equipment.

According to Tom Kirtz, Telstar's president and chief engineer, most installations are simple bolt-ons, though Telstar can also provide a sliding base to move the plowfold back and out of the way of the web path when not in use. "One particularly attractive feature of the single unit is the potential to upgrade it to a double or triple system as more complex jobs are won and demand increases," Kirtz says. "To bring this converting and sales capability to your business, give us a call at 888-203-9677. After all, the 'Little Plowfold That Could' could increase your profits!"

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