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Verstraete honored for IML ice cream packaging

March 2, 2017

The streamlined IML packaging has a seamless design, is compact and allows for efficient stacking.

Plastic packaging producer Dairypack Tubs recently joined forces with Constantia's Verstraete IML for the development of the new Dairymaid ice cream packaging. The new Country Fresh IML packaging is the first ice cream packaging in South Africa with an IML label that covers the entire lid. The joint partnership proved to be a successful endeavor, as the packaging earned two awards: In addition to a Worldstar Award 2017 the plastic packaging producer also received an Afristar Award 2016.

Commenting on the awards, Wendy Rautenbach, category dead at Dairymaid, says, “As market leader you have to keep innovating. We are very pleased with these awards because we know it is a real market game changer.”

From a traditional scoop of Vanilla ice-cream to Cheesecake ice-cream with Blueberries, Dairymaid's broad range of flavor caters for all tastes. Thanks to the brand new IML packaging the delicious Dairymaid Ice-Cream Treats receive the attention they deserve on the store shelves. The streamlined IML packaging has a seamless design, is compact and allows efficient stacking.

Joe Kaddoum, IML regional sales manager MEA Verstraete, discusses the choice of packaging and the benefits provided. “The new IML packaging in 1.8L & 1.5L formats catches your eye on the shelf thanks to its streamlined and seamless design." he says. "The orange peel IML label covers the majority of the tub and the entire lid. Orange peel is the most popular look & feel option for a number of reasons – the film is cost-efficient and process-friendly. And the branding opportunities of in-mold labeling are endless. On top of that, the new design excels in user-friendliness. Check the ‘open here’ corner. Because the packaging is so compact, shop owners are able to stack up to 25% more and the packaging fits perfectly in small, modern freezers."

Added advantages of IML
The efficient stacking of the new IML packaging also made transport more stable and safe  Thanks to advanced injection-molded technology the packaging weighs 10% less which reduces its eco-footprint. Moreover, the packaging and the IML label are completely recyclable.

Adds Rautenbauch, “For this big project we wanted to collaborate with a plastic packaging producer with the necessary expertise. We knew that Dairypack Tubs was the right choice for a project of this size. This is the second time Dairypack Tubs has won an Afristar Award for IML packaging with Verstraete IML labels. The award is therefore great recognition of Dairypack Tubs and Verstraete IML's IML expertise.”

Ettienne Pretorius, commercial manager for Dairypack Tubs, discusses the selection of Verstrate as its IML supplier. "The choice of materials and the efficiency of the production processes is great. Moreover, at Verstraete IML, we are confident of a quality product and a first class service. We gladly recommend Verstraete IML as worldwide partner for IML labels," concludes Pretorius.

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