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GPA releases new dry toner swatchbook

March 16, 2017

GPA’s swatchbook provides exciting ways to accommodate the needs of every project with style.

GPA has announced the release of its new dry toner swatchbook. This tool is designed for printers, designers, and marketers to showcase the possibilities when pairing GPA’s substrates with dry toner printing technology. This pocket-sized resource features 39 substrates – with many products exclusively available for the first time in North America from GPA – and spans a range of luxury and textured papers and synthetics.

Highlights from this new collection include GPA’s polyesters that offer excellent anti-static properties, hardworking synthetic papers, and PaperTyger Durable Papers for HP Indigo and digital presses that combine the benefits of papers and synthetics in one versatile sheet.

“GPA’s new dry toner swatchbook is far more than a collection of product samples – it’s a world of possibilities now attainable thanks to advancements in digital print innovation,” says Craig Surette, GPA’s business development director for the dry toner market. “What first grabs people is the breadth and depth of its scope; this kind of substrate diversity has never been available in North America under one roof. It even includes a range of specialty plastics guaranteed to perform on dry toner presses, which ultimately fills a gap in the marketplace. This swatchbook reinforces that GPA provides more than substrates; we’re providing innovation that helps bring ideas to life.”

GPA chose a wildlife theme for its dry toner swatchbook to symbolize the power of adaptation and individuality, which are critical to prospering in the modern graphic arts industry. Featuring original illustrations by GPA’s graphic designer, Alanna Crisci, it depicts animals that thrive in their unique environments by using distinctive patterns to blend in to their surroundings. Whether adapting to the needs of individual projects, clients’ expectations, or to limitations of time and other precious resources, GPA’s swatchbook provides exciting ways to accommodate the needs of every project with style.

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