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Arconvert introduces Manter Immaculate Papers to North America

April 13, 2017

It enhances a product’s appearance with elegant textures, shades and finishes while protecting labels from oily stains.

Arconvert has announced that Immaculate Papers, a collection of 100% greaseproof self-adhesive papers by Manter, are now available in North America. This offering enhances a product’s appearance with elegant textures, shades, and finishes while protecting labels from oily stains that can detract from the product’s image.

The Immaculate Papers collection features seven sophisticated papers paired with a greaseproof treatment that serves as a functional barrier against oils and vegetable fats. Originally designed for labeling olive oil products, their popularity is growing with other edible oils, oil-based cosmetics, and beauty products. These labels are designed to elevate any packaging application to luxury packaging status, which reinforces brand integrity and strengthens appeal.

“It is my privilege to introduce Immaculate Papers to the North American market,” says Darren Headland, vice president of sales at Arconvert US. “Their popularity in Europe, Latin America, and other regions across the globe speaks for itself. Our international customers, printers and end users all tell us they love these materials for the same reason: they add undeniable luxury while maintaining their integrity around oily substances. There really is no comparison to other products…it’s something that needs to be seen and experienced first-hand.”

Immaculate Papers are compatible with roll-fed HP Indigo presses with inline priming, as well as flexographic and rotary offset presses. Print trials are recommended for optimum results. Available in master roll widths of 39.37", they can be slit to order and are available in minimums as low as 834 linear feet.

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