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Esko reports compliance with Ghent PDF Output Suite Version 5.0

April 18, 2017

The software was created for users who process PDF files in the graphic arts industry.

Esko has confirmed compatibility of the Esko Software Platform with new Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0. All 48 test patches in the output suite were processed perfectly using Esko Software Platform applications and workflows.

The Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 ensures workflows are fully compliant with PDF/X-4 to help a significant portion of the printing and packaging industry reach new, higher levels of production accuracy. It is distributed as a series of PDF patches that can be applied by end users of graphic arts equipment, as well as developers of applications handling PDF files. Results of processing the output suite in an Esko workflow were verified by the GWG Process Control Subcommittee. According to Esko, it was the first company to achieve perfect results across its entire software suite.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Ghent Workgroup, and as a result our solutions remain fully compliant as new developments occur," says Lieven Plettinck, director of software engineering at Esko. "Our customers know that it is part of our ongoing commitment to product innovation to collaborate with a number of standards bodies to remain at the forefront of developments. As a result, with the introduction of advancements, such as the Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 and our proven compliance, we can assure customers they will immediately benefit.”

He adds, “We are particularly excited by the latest version’s focus on packaging. This will deliver significant benefits to packaging and label converters in terms of improved consistency.”

Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0 was created for users who process PDF files in the graphic arts industry, as an aid to determine whether their workflows are conforming to the PDF/X standards. It helps determine whether workflows are behaving as expected and identify errors quickly and easily before any errors can impact customer work.

The most important tool of the Ghent PDF Output Suite version 5.0 package is a six-page PDF with an amalgamation of 48 patches ready to start testing immediately. Each patch tests a specific property of a PDF/X file. The patches can be used on their own, but the intention of the suite is that the patches are grouped together for more effective testing.

Compared to the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0, version 5.0 contains additional patches to test ICC-based objects allowed in PDF/X-4. The Ghent Workgroup added these new patches to test device independent workflows. The patches do not use ICC-based blending spaces in isolated transparency groups since their processing is not clearly defined in PDF 1.6.

The Ghent Workgroup, also known as the GWG, is an international organization made up of graphic arts users, associations and developers building best practices for publishing and packaging workflows. The resulting recommendations and specifications make it easy for increasing numbers of professionals around the world to successfully create, process and exchange graphic arts files for numerous applications.

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