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How AI & IA can improve customer service in the label industry

By James Ramey | May 4, 2017

The technologies are helping businesses reach above and beyond for their customers.

Technology is used by almost all brands in most industries to ensure that business is being conducted at the highest operating level possible. Computers and other devices help brands quickly and easily process and fulfill orders for their customers. Now technology is helping businesses reach above and beyond for their customers. Programs that use artificial intelligence and intelligence amplification are aiding in the digital transformation in industries like label printing and much more.

Explaining AI and IA
So what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligence Amplification (IA)?

AI technology is a program that imitates human intelligence. For example, when an iPhone user asks Siri a question and Siri responds without someone else behind the scenes coordinating Siri’s response, that is AI. The more a user interacts with AI technology the “smarter” it gets because each interaction is recorded and used in the future to make decision about how to answer the next response. An AI program will take into consideration a user’s past preference in order to come up with the most accurate and helpful response. Other products like Pandora Radio, Amazon’s Alexa and Netflix are already using this technology to personalize each user’s experience.

On the other hand IA, is the expansion of human knowledge with the help of computers. The human brain is an incredible archive of information but sometimes it is just no match for the computer. By augmenting human intelligence users to access more information than they could on their own.

IA, a nearby with respect to AI, has gotten significantly less exposure as of late. This is likely on the grounds that this innovation is lesser known however may really be all the more normally utilized. IA is the utilization of PCs and innovation to improve or increase what people definitely know. A case of this innovation would utilize a PC to look into information that a human's cerebrum couldn't review all alone.

Differences between the two Technologies
Although both of these virtual assistants share the common goal of aiding humans in their search for information and personalization. The separating variable is the level of human contribution in every innovation. AI innovation works self-governing, finishing the demand without the assistance of a human while IA works with people to tackle an issue or answer a demand.

How AI & IA Improve Customer Service and Efficiency
Businesses in a variety of industries have already started using AI to improve efficiency within their business but the labeling industry can especially use these technologies to improve customer service and efficiency.

One of the easiest ways to break into AI is by utilizing chatbots. Chatbots, or bots, are programs that simulate conversation with humans. These bots are excellent at answering simple questions and requests and allow customers to directly communicate with a brand instantly. What’s more, the bot’s responses to customer questions will become “smarter” the more the customer engages with them. For labeling brands, this can help customers with orders by giving them simple responses to their questions like estimated time of completion, costs, and questions about the brand itself. With bots, handling these simple questions, printing professionals are left with more time to assist clients with more difficult tasks.

IA is equally as useful in enhancing business and customer service in labeling. Through tools like interactive tutorials and adaptive FAQ’s, customers can help themselves with simple product questions rather than having to contact a customer service agent. By augmenting the customer’s knowledge of a particular product or company, IA reduces the burden on customer service representatives and allows customers to more quickly solve their own problems. Customers could find information about different printing techniques, printing materials, buyer’s guides and more.

Both AI and IA are valuable tools that businesses should consider utilizing to increase productivity and efficiency. Although these technologies are still in their infancy, they show promising outcomes for the future. Businesses that incorporate AI and IA, along with a host of online digital support materials readily available to customers, can stay ahead of the trend and will be able to deliver the best possible service and brand experience to their customers.

About the author: James Ramey is CEO of DeviceBits, a software company that services clients through a predictive and personalized understanding of interactive tutorials, adaptive FAQs, Interactive Guides, and Videos designed to for self-serving consumers. For more info visit
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