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Rebranding Boodles

By Steve Katz, Editor | December 2, 2013

With the help of Spear, the classic gin brand has been reignited.

The Boodles brand of gin was established in 1845, and was named after a private gentleman’s club whose members reportedly included Ian Fleming and Winston Churchill. It is a classic brand and considered a high quality product, however, some liquor and spirits experts believe it languished under its former owner, Seagrams.

The newly rebranded Boodles gin and Hangar 1 vodka labels. 
The gin’s packaging has been blamed as a reason for its underperformance. “While some gin aficionados felt it was a great tasting gin, Boodles spent many years in and out of the Seagram hospice companies,” notes Arthur Shapiro of “The problems – real or perceived – included concerns about the square package (too wide for a back bar) and loss of identity when placed sideways.”

Enter Proximo Spirits of Jersey City, NJ, USA. Founded in 2007, Proximo Spirits is a relative newcomer in the liquor industry, but the company has quickly gained industry recognition and continues to experience rapid success. Spanish for “Next”, Proximo has taken its name to heart with forward thinking to reignite spirit brands in the seemingly never-ending expansion of the store shelf.

Two of Proximo’s latest ventures come from the purchase of Boodles Gin in 2012 and Hangar 1 Vodka in 2010. Both brands had rich histories, so it was important for Proximo to modernize the brands’ look and feel without compromising fantastic heritages.

To aid in the redesign, Cincinnati, OH, USA-based beverage label specialist Spear was asked to help create labels that would reach out to consumers not only through visual appeal but also through feel, a sense that is often neglected in beverage packaging. 

Boodles and Hangar 1 have both been revitalized. For the rebranding, Spear utilized a combination of printing process such as foil, embossing, and matte & gloss effects to create their new labels. 
“Spear has been a valuable partner in the development process of our brands,” says a spokesperson for Proximo. “They have a unique insight into how to use innovative technologies to tell our story to our consumers. This gives us confidence that the vision we have for our brands will be faithfully translated by Spear into exciting, innovative packaging.”