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New year, new labels

By Steve Katz, Editor | January 7, 2014

Label printers can help brand owners take advantage of the season of renewal.

According to a Journal of Clinical Psychology study from the University of Scranton, 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. The top five 2014 resolutions made are losing weight, getting organized, saving money, enjoying life more, and improving health and fitness. While the study concludes that only 8% of these resolution-makers are successful, the fact that nearly half of the US population is making them – and 75% maintain their resolution in the early part of the year – suggests that people are open to changing their habits, which could include the products they buy.

Custom label printers can help their brand owner customers get off to a fresh start in the new year with New Year's resolution label design ideas. In 2014, brands can take advantage of the season of renewal by trying out new promotional strategies and revitalizing marketing approaches. While consumers themselves are coming up with new lifestyle choices and ideas to take them into the new year, companies can examine their brand identity and come up with new labels that fit their offerings.

"The new year is a great time for brands to experiment with new label designs," says AnneMarie Campbell, business development manager at Lightning Labels, an all-digital label printer in Denver, CO, USA. "Many consumers are more open to change at this time of year. When brands refine a labeling approach, shoppers notice. For companies that are thinking about extending product lines in 2014, there's no better time than now to experiment with new ideas. Lightning Labels offers a variety of customizable labeling solutions to help businesses start the new year on the right foot."

Whether a business is changing up its design, using a new label shape or trying out a promotion, the new year brings an ideal time to make these changes. Because so many resolutions relate to health, certain products are likely to be more popular at this time of year. “When designing a label, call attention to the healthy properties of foods, nutraceutical items and bath and body products,” stresses Campbell. “For consumers aiming to lose holiday pounds, emphasize nutrition and healthful eating habits. Including wholesome recipes on labels is another good way to gain the interest of shoppers.”

Others may have a different focus in the new year. Companies can use this opportunity to communicate through labeling what makes them and their products unique and how they may be beneficial to society. This could mean emphasizing hand-crafting, fair-trade, sustainable or environmentally friendly practices.

In thinking about a strategy for new year’s product labels, brands can consider what changes they will be making in the coming year. It's a good idea to think about whether the industry or target consumer has changed. What will the business look like a year from now? These inquiries and more can affect the direction for a label design.

“Changing up product packaging is a great way to demonstrate that a brand is taking a new direction. It can also communicate to consumers that the company is cutting edge and keeping up with the times,” Campbell adds. “Even simple changes to color and text style can go a long way in making a label look like it belongs in 2014.”

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