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Valentines labels for sweet packaging

February 10, 2014

By redesigning labels and stickers for the holiday, brands can make almost any product gift-friendly.

Lightning Labels, the Denver, CO-based all-digital label converter, is helping businesses create Valentine's stickers for food packaging and bath and body products this season. As brands put together packaging and marketing plans for Valentine's Day, Lightning Labels customers turn to the printer for ideas regarding seasonal container and packaging designs.

"Valentine's Day presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase revenue during the less busy months. While chocolatiers and other candy makers will definitely see business growth during this time, other industries can take advantage of this season as well," says AnneMarie Campbell, business development manager at Lightning Labels. "Valentine's Day is a reason for consumers to give gifts to friends, family and loved ones. By redesigning labels and stickers for the holiday, brands can make almost any product gift-friendly."

Chocolates and other sweets are clearly one of the go-to gifts every February. Making Valentine's candy bag labels helps these goods fly off the shelves. "Chocolates always make a great gift, but customers will be looking for products that are packaged especially for the holiday. If labels don't exhibit the tell-tale symbols, shoppers may pass them by," Campbell says. "Hearts are the most prominent image in the candy aisles during this time of year. To keep up with the competition, most candy makers adopt this motif as well. Floral designs, particularly roses, also look appropriate."

Color scheme is another theme to keep in mind. Reds, pinks and purples reign supreme on the shelves in early February. Even without additional holiday-themed imagery, these colors represent love and affection. Themed labels for Valentine’s gifts that contain imagery and colors are traditionally associated with the holiday and relevant for many products. For example, bath and body products can be effectively dressed up with red hearts and the like.

"Brands shouldn't be afraid to experiment by using holiday labels on products that aren't usually considered romantic presents," adds Campbell. "This day has become another event in which loved ones give one another gifts. Chocolate and flowers aren't the only ways to express affection. Any product can be a Valentine's gift. Extra attention to labeling during this time can ensure that consumers take more creative approaches to gifting. For instance, beverages like coffee, tea and hot cocoa can make excellent presents, especially with a nice label."

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