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Medea Vodka bottle lights up the holiday season

By Steve Katz | December 15, 2015

The packaging features a customizable LED message band affixed to the glass bottle.

Medea Vodka, touted as the world's only spirit with a customizable LED message band on the bottle, is literally lighting up the liquor and spirits aisles. Equipped with Bluetooth technology that can program the LED display, the bottles are hitting the shelves this holiday season in major retailers nationwide.

With its innovative packaging, the vodka brand strives to achieve a balance of great taste and the latest technology. “We are the first and only spirits product to have this LED display,” says Marie Moretti, executive director for Medea.

The company recently received a full patent for its LED bottle. It uses Apple's iBeacon Bluetooth technology to allow a smartphone to wirelessly set and display scrolling messages. A free app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Developed in-house by the Medea technology team, the app connects each consumer to their own bottle giving them several options – they can invite others, join social media and locate their bottle – with updates containing more features planned for the near future.

From the distance of a basketball court, Medea drinkers can create and edit up to 10 different messages of their choice. The glass bottles – which feature etched labeling – have an indentation that bended LED strips fit into.

Medea, a play on the word “media,” has enjoyed substantial growth since its launch last year. It is now available in more than 40 states and through big box retailers Costco, Sam's Club, Safeway, Albertsons, Von's, SaveMart, Bevmo, Lucky, FoodMaxx and Publix, as well as local liquor stores. With the abundance of new locations, new distributors Allied Beverage Group, Glazer's, Major Brands, Republic National Distributing Company, United Liquors, Wirtz Beverage Group and Young's Market Company have been added to fill the increasing demand.

Moretti emphasizes that in addition to retail sales, the bottles are wildly popular within the on-premise market – restaurants and bars. “Suffice it to say there is no back bar display like it. There is a huge audience there, so there’s also potential for ad sales,” she says.

“The Medea Vodka LED bottle really does become the life of the party,” Moretti says. “And it makes such a great gift – a birthday gift, something to bring for the host of a party, and of course Christmas and New Years.”

As for the vodka itself, Medea is maded in Schiedam, the Netherlands, where the distillery uses the finest whole grain wheat. Distilled slowly, using natural artesian water, the result is described as a subtle, flawless vodka, hence the product's positioning as an ultra-premium spirit.

The LED display can stay on for up to 45 minutes, and the entire battery life is 18 to 20 hours.  Below is a video that provides a closer look at the LED bottles and the app, and also gives a lesson on how to name and program the bottles.

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