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Dscoop provides a ‘Spark’ for digital printing company

By Greg Hrinya, Associate Editor | April 17, 2017

Spark is a new digital online media platform that is designed to provide a rich experience to members 365 days a year.

Dscoop Phoenix enjoyed a blast from the past. In a presentation entitled, “DigiWrap Swims with the Sharks,” Charlie Williams and Brad Boskovic explained how a chance encounter at Dscoop San Antonio led to their digital printing experiment getting picked up on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.”

Williams and Boskovic, founders of DigiWrap, utilized digital printing to customize packaging and tissue paper. The duo were attendees in San Antonio, and hearing Kevin O’Leary deliver a keynote presentation inspired them to take a risk with their digital venture.

DigiWrap advertises customizable short runs as small as one. While their idea was not originally a hit on Shark Tank, they negotiated with O’Leary for a partnership. Williams and Boskovic shared their story with Dscoop Phoenix, in hopes that the attendees in 2017 could draw inspiration from their experiences.

“It was the foundation of Dscoop that got O’Leary started on the path where he imagined what he could do with digital printing,” said Boskovic. “That’s the power of print. We wowed the judges at Shark Tank.”

The DigiWrap presentation showcased the possibilities available at Dscoop. Attendees are encouraged to network and collaborate, using the show’s theme of “Imagination” to explore how they can improve their businesses.

As was the case with DigiWrap, Dscoop also allowed converters to provide their own unique perspectives on digital printing–both in panel discussions and throughout the Technology Showcase. According to a flexible packaging panel, digital printing has enhanced businesses by providing mass production, hyper customization, and personalization. Digital printing also promotes a 1-to-1 relationship with brands and their customers, as has been seen with HP initiatives like the “Share a Coke” campaign. Other partnerships include those with OREO and Planters.

Century Label, a label converter based in Bowling Green, OH, USA, has long been a user of HP Indigo digital presses and has recently found success with the HP Indigo 8000. Century’s Amanda Webster delivered a presentation on “Real Life Business Expansion,” where she explained how HP’s presses have helped this company with over 35 years of experience produce award-winning labels.

According to Webster, the new label press has led to increased efficiency and greater profits. “The enhanced speed that the HP Indigo 8000 provides increases our capacity to handle large-scale jobs,” she said.

Keith Wilmot, Dscoop CEO, took DigiWrap’s story a step further. Whether it is labels, packaging, or commercial print, he said that approaching a task with imagination and passion can lead to a successful business idea. “We have the best minds in the business working on this vision that print is not only alive, it’s flourishing,” Wilmot said. “It’s going to change the world.”

Adding a ‘Spark’
Wilmot not only detailed the possibilities available to the event’s attendees, he explained how Dscoop, a digital solutions cooperative of HP technology users, is looking to improve for the future. 

Dscoop announced the development of Spark, a new digital online media platform that is designed to provide a rich experience to members 365 days a year. Whereas Dscoop occurs once, the app is intended to connect users and create engagement beyond the conference.

The new app will maintain a few of the organization’s core beliefs going forward. Wilmot said that Dscoop would highlight innovation through collaborative groups, insights through best practices, and increased revenue through engagement in the community.

“The most important thing from Dscoop is the relationships we build,” said Wilmot. “It’s about fellowship and education.”

The event will continue to take place on a global level, with dates planned for France and Israel. In addition, Dscoop is planning customized regional events throughout the United States in 2017. A larger presence is predicated on the group’s growth. According to Wilmot, Dscoop has grown from 240 people in its inaugural event to nearly 2,400 visitors at Dscoop Phoenix.

Wilmot added that the goal is to make Dscoop “bigger and better.”

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