TLMI Label Awards: First Place winners from North America

November 3, 2015

A closer look at some of the award-winning labels from the 2015 competition.

Hormel Buffalo Style Chicken, Inland

Category: Non PS - All Processes/Cut & Stack - Color Process - Prime. The ready-to-heat food container presented special challenge in the manufacturing printing process because it is a full coverage IML container. In order to successfully print this label so that the container could be molded, Inland needed to ensure that its diecut tolerance capabilities were extremely tight.

Great Lakes Growers Living Butter Lettuce, Yerecic Label

Category: Flexography - Color Process - Prime. The team at Yerecic Label had to reverse print the back before laying down two whites and process colors. Getting the proper color on the back without being visible through the white was a special challenge.

Energizer EcoAdvanced AA, National Label Company

Category: Gravure - Line/Prime. The customer required extremely tight application tolerances so diecutting and slitting required tight controls. A trim and perf diecut system was used to prevent movement. Energizer wanted to promote its new Eco Advanced alkaline batteries made from recycled content, so the typical silver material was replaced with ink to avoid waste from metalization.

Crest Pro Health HD, Control Group

Category: Non-PS - All Processes/Cut & Stack - Line & Screen/Tone - Prime. The process was extremely difficult due to the base web plastic thickness of .015. Also, the final product needed to be laminated with a .00048 laminate to protect the inks. A special heat releasing varnish was added to help in the sealing process at the packer's facility.

Cibola, 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress - Color Process - Non-Prime. This non-prime label utilized process printing with multiple reverses, very tight register, gold foil and rotary screen tactile doming.

BarkTHINS Snacking Chocolate, CL & D Digital

Category: Roll to Roll - Color Process - Prime. A custom white plate was created to knock-out certain graphics to the silver substrate. The bag was hand-formed with gussets and a 45 degree seal. Hole punch, tear notches and zipper were added to finish the product.

1911 Founders' Reserve Heritage Dry Hard Cider, Syracuse Label & Surround Printing

Category: Digital Printing / Toner - Color Process - Prime. Syracuse Label utilized the variable data capabilities of its HP WS6600 in printing the words Heritage Dry in the flavor box. The customer wanted a handwritten look with multiple signed Heritage Dry variations.

18.21 Man Made Sweet Tabacco Shampoo, Infinite Packaging Group

Category: Flexography - Line & Screen/Tone - Prime. The challenge was in developing a design that resembles a cigar wrapper band.

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