TLMI Label Awards: First Place winners from North America (part 2)

November 10, 2015

We continue our look at some of the award-winning labels from the 2015 competition.

Old Rip Van Winkle Añejo, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category Name: Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress - Line & Screen/Tone - Non-Prime. This non-prime line and screen tone wine label is a back on-add label that utilizes a special two-tone vignette to print the background. Cold foil was added to give the label defintion and defined spaces.

Neutrogena Rainbath, National Label Company

Category: Multi-Process - Line/Prime. This label is printed two sides so the inside graphics are visible when "seeing through" the front label on the bottle. The customer wanted to do a graphics restage to refresh the brand and see a pattern through the fill. The back side is printed with in-house manufactured ink to have a pearlescent reflective effect.

My Cause Spring Water, Multi-Color Corporation

Category: Multi-Process - Line & Screen/Tone - Non-Prime. The label used two flexo whites to achieve the opacity needed.

Michael David Sloth 2013 Zinfandel, Collotype Labels North American Wine and Spirits

Category: Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress - Line & Screen/Tone - Prime. The job involved coated paper, five colors, hot foil, flexo varnish, screen varnish, rotary embossing and flat diecutting.

Lush Brut Rosé, ASL Print FX

Category: Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress - Line/Prime. This label involved complicated sculpted embossing with hot stamping fine details, with pearl inks, making up 12 full colors.

LaBarge 2012 Sta Rita Hills Syrah End, Collotype Labels North American Wine and Spirits Contact

Category: Wine & Spirits - Offset - Line/Prime. Label was printed on uncoated paper with four offset colors, hot foil stamping, special magnesium-textured emboss/deboss, flexo matte varnish and flat diecutting – all one pass.

King Ranch, McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Category: Muti-Process - Color Process - Non-Prime. This non-prime back label incorporates HDUV print technology and a very effective rotary screen printed tactile dome to highlight the customers logo. An added heavy solid reverse image for the test was created to add to the "western" look the customer required.