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User Guide for Thermal Transfer Printable Overlaminates by STA

February 7, 2014

This guide provides a clear overview of thermal transfer printing (TTP) and the primary solutions TTP provides to label manufacturers. Key TTP selection variables are covered, including overlaminates, print speed and darkness, printability, barcode readability, durability and traceability. Factors that affect barcode readability and durability are reviewed as well as how this is affected by the various types of flathead ribbons used for printing including wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons. A succinct troubleshooting guide and chart is included covering print issues, potential causes and corrective actions. This is worth the time to check it out if you're having any TTP problems. The value-add proposition of utilizing TTP overlaminates is clarified as well as side-by-side print test comparisons of STA's data results and third party data results.