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Meech reports continued growth

April 15, 2014

Meech International, a supplier of electrostatic control products, has reported a healthy 11% increase in overall sales for its FY2012-13. While there has been steady growth throughout Europe, the company reports a consistently positive performance in China in particular that resulted in a rise in sales in the region of 45%, a solid increase on the previous year’s figure.

With exports accounting for 81% of overall sales, Meech’s CEO Chris Francis comments on the company’s overall success: “As one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of static control and web-cleaning systems, we are constantly looking to explore new markets abroad and not focus exclusively on business in the UK and mainland Europe. This year saw a lot of our growth come from China, but at the same time we also recognized Latin America as an emerging market worth investing in, and it has now been incorporated into our strategic growth plan.”

The latest sales figures indicate that Meech’s static knowledge was of key importance. Having made significant investment in Q1 with the launch of its brand new Hyperion static range, further enhancements were made to the products in the initial part of 2013. In addition, a particular focus was put on the launch of the CyClean non-contact web-cleaner, which has strengthened the company’s web-cleaning product offering – allowing customers to choose from a complete range, and has been rapidly taken up in the market.

Following this steady and consistent increase in sales over not just 2013 but also the past few years, Meech also expanded and reorganized its production areas. In early September 2013 Meech leased an additional building located close to its head office. The 4000 square foot property is now the main production facility for web-cleaners, as well as its IonRinse and JetStream product ranges.