New Products


April 15, 2014

Polyonics has introduced a new high-temperature label material that meets the ASTM E595 out-gassing requirements. Along with minimal out-gassing, the new label material XF-528 will also survive the high temperature exposure and chemical attacks typically used in the manufacturing process for printed circuit boards. Polyonics XF-528 is a 1 mil gloss white label material with a 1 mil solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.  The ASTM E595 test results for the XF-528 meet the requirement for total mass loss (TML) of less than 1.00% when evaluated in a vacuum environment for a duration of 24 hours at 125C. The XF-528 complies with the requirements of RoHS, REACH and is certified to be halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels. It can be used for applications including: bar code tracking of printed circuit boards, electronic component identification, and warning labels for embedded batteries.

Westmoreland, NH, USA