New Products


June 2, 2014

Brady has announced the release of the BMP21-LAB handheld label printer. Combining a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities, this portable printer is designed for in-the-lab labeling of slides, straws, dishware, bottles, vials and tubes.

“Our latest handheld printer improves the labeling experience by combining ease of use with industry-specific labeling features – all at an affordable, entry-level price point for labs on any budget,” says Dana Ray, global market manager, lab and medical for Brady. “The BMP21-LAB printer is a powerful tool built for quick and efficient label making in diagnostic, clinical, academic research, environmental and biotech labs.”

Label materials for the BMP21-LAB printer are available for lab-specific applications, such as cryo vials and slides, and are built to withstand harsh lab environments, including -196ºC temperatures, autoclaves, and isopropyl alcohol and methyl ethyl ketone chemicals.
For improved lab organization, the label material selection includes a wide variety of highly engineered parts with a range of color and size options. The printer’s drop-lock-and-print technology enables users to simply insert the desired label cartridge and begin printing – no setup required. Once the label is printed and cut, the grabber feature prevents the label from falling out and onto the ground.

Adding to its ease of use, the BMP21-LAB printer is loaded with commonly used Greek symbols, automated serialization and time and date stamp capabilities. It features built-in bar code symbols that improve accuracy and label quality by providing more information on a smaller footprint. The labeler also has a vial label shortcut key that automatically cuts labels according to vial and tube sizes.

The many smart capabilities of the BMP21-LAB printer are enhanced by its re-engineered exterior. The new design is built for durability and ergonomics. It has a center balance, ridges and protective rubber bumpers for easy gripping and handling.

With the release of the BMP21-LAB and BMP21-PLUS printers, the current BMP21 product is discontinued. The accessories and supply cartridges for the BMP21 printer will also work in the new BMP21-LAB printer.

Brady Corporation
Milwaukee, WI, USA