New Products


June 2, 2014

Sleever International has launched the first shrink sleeve made from low-density PET, which enables recovering of used PET bottles. According to the company, the non-alcoholic beverage market for which the use of PET bottles associated with shrink sleeves is steadily increasing, has faced a problem with packaging recovery. As a result, Sleever International developed LDPET, which is designed to help manufacturers meet recyclability objectives. With LDPET, which includes a low density PET film (SI-TPEG/050 ZL), beverage manufacturers can separate sleeves from bottles without any manual operation. The printed film uses inks that are specifically designed to withstand the materials segregation treatment with no risk of contamination for the PET flakes. Thanks to a specific density, the company says LDPET can be easily sorted out in sedimentation tanks. The LDPET flakes float whereas the flakes of PET bottles sink to the bottom of the tank. PET materials are thus recycled and recovered. This product allows for the full or partial labeling of bottles ranging from 20 cl to 2 liters, with production outputs between 15,000 and 30,000 bottles per hour. Sleever’s LDPET has been approved by several European institutions - Cleanway in the United Kingdom, Unisort in Germany, Returpack in Sweden - and is under registration in North and South America.

Sleever International
Mississauga, ON, Canada