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The Label Printers participates in Sustainable Waste Management Conference

July 21, 2014

The Label Printers’ George Tommasi participated as a presenter at the recent Sustainable Waste Management Conference, hosted by the Lake Michigan States Section of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA). Tommasi was invited to present at the Conference to discuss the success of TLP’s sustainability program – a winner of back-to-back Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Awards and TLMI Environmental Leadership Awards, as well as the Flexographic Technical Association’s 2012 Environmental Excellence Awards honorable mention – and give conference participants the “small business” perspective.

Tommasi is The Label Printers’ director of Human Resources, its Illinois EPA Compliance Representative, and its TLMI LIFE team leader.

Conference presenters included municipal and state governments, such as Cook County; Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin; the US EPA; large businesses such as UL, Nicor Gas and CITGO; and “green” technology innovator/developers such as Green SEED Energy.

Organizers of A&WMA’s said: “This conference is directed toward everyone involved in the waste management industry with a special emphasis on regulatory issues and how to uncover innovative solutions and proven methodologies for dealing with waste management issues. Prominent leaders from government, industry, legal and consulting will provide attendees with information and insights on a wide range of current waste management topics while attendees will have an opportunity to network and meet with other professionals that share similar interests.”

Tommasi discussed TLP’s “Go Green, Save Green and Earn Green!” program, which is built on the premise that the company can not only reduce costs by being a better environmental steward, but that sustainability initiatives can also generate savings and revenue. He explained how the company started the program by identifying components of the waste stream and then determining categories to redesignate the waste stream as either “waste to energy” or “recycling.”

He highlighted some of TLP’s TLMI LIFE team’s efforts, such as its “Take Stock for Education” program and an employee electronic recycling day. Tommasi said about his presentation, “I wanted to show how you can combine company initiatives with ways to help the community and employees – and I also wanted conference attendees to see that even a small company can make a big difference. We’ve tried to think of new approaches to old processes, and then get company buy-in to implement them.”