New Products


July 21, 2014

Herma has released a special Inkprint collection. This self-adhesive material allows print shops to produce low- and very low-volume label runs on economical inkjet printers with water-based inks. Whereas conventional self-adhesive materials are generally adequate for UV-curable inks, water-based ink requires a special paper coating that can absorb the ink better, the company says. The two grades included in the range, HERMAinkprint glossy (grade 211) and HERMAinkprint matte (grade 137), are designed to deliver outstanding results on standard inkjet printers, such as Canon, Epson, HP etc. with both sheet and web printing. They are also suitable for Memjet technology which, with its static, page-wide print-head, combines the advantages of an inkjet printer with those of a page printer. Even at speeds of over 300 millimeters per second, images, codes and identification symbols can be printed crystal-clear and distortion-free in conjunction with the new HERMAinkprint range.

Filderstadt, Germany