New Products


July 21, 2014

Flint Group Narrow Web has introduced a new range of opaque white inks in the EkoCure series. Designed to providing excellent flexibility, adhesion and printability, EkoCure Shrink Whites provide more than 70% shrink. EkoCure Shrink Opaque Whites have “excellent adhesion” and are suitable for a wide range of films, such as: PVC, OPS, OPP, PLA, & PETG. According to the company, they have excellent printability combined with very good flow out, excellent opacity and whiteness. These whites are provided in a range of Coefficient of Friction (COF) values. Printers can use EkoCure products with UV LED lamps on presses that have no or minimal heat management.

Flint Group Narrow Web
Plymouth, MN, USA