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Flint Group publishes first sustainability report

October 14, 2013

Flint Group has announced the publication of its first externally available sustainability report providing comprehensive economic, social and environmental data, detailing the Group’s strong performance over the last several years within the sustainability arena.

Since its formation in 2005, Flint Group says it has strived to deliver market-leading sustainable products and has adopted an approach marked by maximizing product performance while minimizing environmental impact.

“The introduction of this first sustainability report is a key building block for the organization and one which will provide a source of constant evolution for us,” says Antoine Fady, CEO, Flint Group. “While this is the first public and external sustainability report for the Group, it is important to note that this has been built on many years of focus and management of the elements that remain critical to the sustainability agenda.”

Aligned to the Dow Jones Sustainable Index, the report outlines Flint Group’s performance in three key areas – social, economic and environment – detailing the way in which Flint Group has incorporated sustainable business practices into its daily activities. The report is intended to serve as a flagship document for stakeholders to help understand Flint Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.