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Flint Group invests in Nilpeter combi press

November 21, 2013

Flint Group Narrow Web has invested in a new Nilpeter combination printing press to be installed in the company’s Center of Technical Excellence in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Global Business Director Narrow Web Guillaume Clement comments: “Flint group has a strong commitment to continue to invest in its Narrow Web segment – today and into the future. This new press is another step to further develop this growing, and key market segment for us.”

He continues, “As a number one leader and global supplier, we are committed to support our customers’ growth. Our two Centers of Technical Excellence are fully equipped to satisfy our customers’ needs in all targeted regions. This new press is mostly dedicated to accelerate new product and business development in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Asia with a special focus on pressure sensitive, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging segments. Our second Center for Technical Excellence in the United States is already supporting customers in North America and Latin America. We continuously strengthen our Narrow Web global infrastructure. This new press investment is part of it and proves our dedication to research and development – our drive toward continuous innovation.”

“By investing in an advanced narrow web press, capable of running all the latest technologies, Flint Group is creating a print centre with outstanding technical capabilities that will energise the innovation process of inks for the future,” says Global Product Director Narrow Web Jennifer Joyce.

She continues, “Flint Group will continue to use the latest and most advanced technologies to further narrow web market growth;    both in product development and in our technical centers. This investment is in line with our innovation strategy – further positioning Flint Group Narrow Web as a leader in innovation. As our customers are at the centre of all we do, we strive to co-develop products and services with them.”

“We are very proud that Flint Group is making this significant investment in the Narrow Web business segment,” says Narrow Web Global Brand Manager, Niklas Olsson. He continues, “We know the value of a printing press, which can be fully allocated for R&D and testing; we have enjoyed the benefits of our own press for the last 20 years. This now continues into the next generation; with a state-of-the-art printing press, we can simulate real life situations that our clients are facing, and thus correct and fine tune ink formulations for ultimate press performance.”