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CreoScitex changes name to Creo

July 18, 2005

CreoScitex changes name to Creo
Creo Products Inc. is consolidating all of the company’s activities and businesses under one brand name and logo: Creo. Beginning in January 2002, the change is phasing out the use of the name CreoScitex, which currently designates the operating division of the company that is focused on the graphic arts.
In addition, the Creo logo will be updated and the company will seek shareholder approval to change its legal name from Creo Products Inc. to Creo Inc.
“Uniting all worldwide activities under the Creo brand will clarify the structure of our operations and eliminate any confusion with other brand names,” says CEO Amos Michelson. "We are proud of what we have accomplished since integrating the prepress assets of Scitex Corporation Ltd. in April 2000 under the CreoScitex banner. Our ability to consolidate under the Creo brand less than two years later indicates the success of that integration process.”