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Four is good,

July 19, 2005

Four is good,
but seven is better
Opaltone, the Pantone challenger from Australia, has its first European representation. VGM Verpakkingen, a leading Dutch prepress company specializing in packaging, will certify prepress companies, printers and suppliers who want to use the seven-color printing method. It is said to be of particular interest to flexo printers. (In North America the sole distributor is the Harper Corporation.)
The complete support infrastructure includes multicolor separation software, editing/graphic assembly software, conventional/stochastic screening, digital/analog proofing and a standard seven color process (CMYK-RGB) ink set.
The system is said to overcome the color restrictions of CMYK; not so much the actual color gamut, but the available density (saturation) they can print subject to dot gain. Originals separated into CMYK must also have their tonal range compressed to fall inside the printable halftone range. This is achieved by mapping several input densities onto each output halftone value. Saturation levels in red, green and blue hues falling beyond this halftone range are compressed in the final repro