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High Definition Flexo Consortium ceases operations

July 19, 2005

High Definition Flexo Consortium ceases operations
The board of directors of the High Definition Flexo Consortium (HDFC), announced the closing of the non-profit organization in May. The consortium, based in Dayton, OH, was formed in 1999 with the mission of accelerating flexography’s increasing share of the global printing market by supporting, interacting with and communicating the advances and advantages of flexo to package and print buying decision makers, printers and industry suppliers.
During its three years of operations, the HDFC attempted to create exposure for flexography in the eyes of consumer product companies through advertising and public relations campaigns in high profile, large circulation trade journals, such as Brand Packaging. Through these efforts, print buyers around the world got a glimpse of the high quality print that today’s flexo can achieve.
Additionally, the HDFC provided its members with sales support to help them secure new business opportunities. One such tool is the much-acclaimed HDFC White Paper, which relays the practical and technical aspects of quality flexo process against competitive and conventional printing alternatives.
In a statement, the board cited financial hardship as the main reason for discontinuation of the consortium: “Generating revenues to keep the marketing effort of the organization moving forward became increasingly difficult during the downturn of the economy, as companies focused on reducing their costs and recruitment of new members slowed as a result.”