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NX reorganizes to focus on its product lines

July 19, 2005

INX reorganizes to focus on its product lines
INX International Ink Co., Elk Grove Village, IL, has reorganized from a decentralized geographical oriented company to a centralized company based on product lines.
The goal of the re-engineering is to increase focus on customer satisfaction, technology and quality, according to Rick Clendenning, president. “In 2001, our standardization and centralization initiatives have helped us effectively produce more high-quality standard products across North America,” says Clendenning. “Today the company is flexible, cost effective and aligned with our customers’ needs. We are an industry leader offering a full line of ink and coating technology.
The company is now organized in three divisions: offset ink, liquid ink and metal deco ink, each consisting of dedicated sales and marketing, research and development, technical service, and production departments.
The restructuring has resulted in the development and improvement of several products, including INXFlex UV base system and process colors for tag and label printing, FlexLam solvent-based laminating ink, and INX ProStar II System, a water based process ink.