Lederle Machine Company

Published July 19, 2005
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Lederle Machine Company
Rotary Tooling
Rewind/Inspection Equipment
Lederle Machine Co. provides a complete line of rotary cutting dies and related tooling. Custom designed CNC engraved dies, air eject dies, adjustable lineal dies, removable blade sheeters/perforators, print cylinders, anvil rolls, and other accessories. Lederle Machine Co. also manufactures a very efficient and economical line of rewind tables and inspection equipment. Quality tooling, competitive pricing, and unmatched customer service is the Lederle Machine Company reputation.
830 Jefferson St., PO Box 426, Pacific MO 63069 USA
Tel: 800-433-2106 • Fax: 636-271-7020
Circle No. 154 on Response Card

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