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DNA-embedded ink

July 20, 2005

DNA-embedded ink
introduced to market
Applied DNA Sciences Inc., of Los Angeles, has introduced DNA-embedded ink technology into the North American and European markets. Application of the ink is aimed at protecting corporate and government intellectual property from fraud and counterfeiting.
The proprietary biotechnology utilizes plant DNA, which is processed so that it contains a specific authentication code for each manufacturer, according to a company statement. The DNA-embedded ink can be applied to garment labels, printed onto logos, documents, currency and other printed media, or on many surfaces. The printed media can then be tested for authenticity.
The company also has developed an authentication technique that instantly verifies the presence or absence of the DNA ink. When a special buffer fluid is applied to a DNA inked surface, a biochemical reaction occurs between the coating of the DNA molecules in the ink and the fluid. The reaction manifests as a reversible color change from blue to pink, and back to blue within seconds.
Applied DNA Sciences says that the plant DNA molecules in the ink are treated to withstand environmental conditions — such as UV light, heat and solvents — that would otherwise cause DNA molecules to disintegrate. The specially processed DNA molecule is said to be stable for over 100 years.
More information is available by calling 310-860-1362. The Internet address is

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