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It’s a long trail a-winding

July 20, 2005

It’s a long trail a-winding
to spread the digital gospel
This summer and early fall, spare a thought for the operators, organizers and sundry gofers involved in what is probably the graphics industry’s largest ever European road show. The pan-European tour began in mid-May in Brussels and fetches up in Copenhagen on October 27. Between then the six-month truck tour will have covered 14 countries and spread the digital print gospel to printers, graphic design agencies and various corporate enterprises.
Such an ambitious program again underlines Hewlett-Packard’s commitment to the Indigo program, and adds ambition to its desire to become a key digital player in the graphics market. The HP Impressions Road Show events follow a similar format to that of the truck tour that had been running in North America over the past year. A specially-equipped truck expands to around 700 square feet of demonstration and hospitality space on two levels. After digital origination and prepress using an HP Production Flow front-end system, jobs will be output to either a HP Designjet 120 with a 24" paper path or an HP Indigo Press 3000 printing up to 4,000 four color pages per hour. Two new versions are avail