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Flexo press returns

July 20, 2005

Flexo press returns
to NC high school
South Mecklenburg High School, in Charlotte, NC, reports the return of its Mark Andy 830 flexographic press.
The press was removed from the school in June 2002 in anticipation of a start up program for graphic arts at a new technical high school, and the expected shutdown of the flexo program at South Mecklenberg.
After two years in storage, with the assistance of Harper Corporation of America the decision was made to retain the program at South Mecklenburg High School under the leadership of Leigh Ayers. Ayers will begin teaching hands-on flexography again during the 2004-2005 school year.
Over the last two years Ayers continued her dedication to flexography, without a press, and her students won the 2003 Phoenix Challenge International Flexo Skills Competition.
South Mecklenburg was the first high school in North America to provide education and training in flexo, a move which led to the establishment of the Flexo in High School program.