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Stork enters laser engraving flexo plate market

July 20, 2005

Stork enters laser engraving flexo plate market
In the fast-moving world of plate imaging, the latest development involves a collaboration between the Dutch-based Stork Prints and BASF’s plate division. Stork offers its patented triple-beam laser technology, said to make direct laser engraving a viable alternative to flexo printing plate processing in terms of reproduction quality and output speed. BASF is developing Nyloflex ITR seamless flexo sleeves, which involve direct laser engraving.
Among label converters, Stork is known for its rotary screen RSI units for combination label presses (the Mini Unit compact version is a new product). However, it has considerable laser engraving experience through supplying prepress and printing systems for the textile industry. The triple-beam method is featured on the Stork BDE 4131 and Agrios 413X direct engraving units. Technically interesting is the Morpheus 611X, described as the industry’s first laser engraving machine for both flexo plates and rotary screen cylinders. Stork claims it offers a space-saving, turnkey prepress answer to the many converters who use narrow-web combination printing methods.
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