GiDue and Praxair

Published July 20, 2005
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GiDue and Praxair
form strategic alliance
Italian press manufacturer GiDue has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Praxair Surface Technologies that will enable turnaround of anilox rollers within one to two weeks.
According to Cristina Toffolo, managing director of GiDue, “There are many excellent anilox roll suppliers that operate internationally, as we do. However, we found that the product specifications and supporting documentation from various suppliers were not identical and sometimes confusing. This move means that we can offer our customers standardization and a quicker and better service.”
Praxair will concentrate the production of GiDue anilox rolls at its plant in Novara, west of Milan, which will serve customers on five continents. Roll production near GiDue’s manufacturing facility in Turate will allow customers or distributors to obtain the rolls in one or two weeks, Toffolo says.

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